The productive design office of Lilienthal
Lilienthal's flying machines

Nine different flying machines of Lilienthal are supported by photographic evidence, including two double-decker and two motorized airplanes. Furthermore, there are plans and indications of further designs.


photo: Krajewski

Double decker starting 1895


photo: Regis

Vintage prints (original prints) from the estate of Lilienthal. Albumen copy on cardboard.

Part of the estate of Otto Lilienthal. Collection Arens-Kröger, Inv.id.: 9278


1891: Lilienthal with his flying machine and in flight was first photographed by the meteorologist Carl Kassner.


The photographs of the pioneer of action photography Ottomar Anschütz.
An exhibition is dedicated exclusively to him on the top floor of the museum.

Voice actor: K. Albrecht / H. Gülland